Century Park Realty, Inc. has a unique ability to source, structure, and manage investment properties and development opportunities.  We unlock opportunity through our competitive edge, aggressive system, and longstanding relationships.


- Acquisitions and Dispositions -

As a motivated team of professionals, we constantly have our ears to the ground and canvass prospective opportunities for our clients. We see value where others do not and are able to leverage our hands-on, in the street, activities to source and project value for our clients. Similarly, when it comes to selling, a bulk of our transactions are offered off market to preferred relationships which facilitates transactions between qualified Buyers and Sellers, without a drawn out sales and marketing process, saving our clients both time and money.


- Market Research -

Our team utilizes all the resources and educational tools in the marketplace, to provide current market analysis, trends, and other pertinent data to facilitate clients in making the most informed real estate decisions. We study current market analytics and trends to educate clients in a local sub-market and thereby minimize the uncertainties associated with buying, selling, or developing residential real estate.


- Investments and Development -

Our team is intimately familiar with investment criteria of first time home buyers and sophisticated developers alike. While every client has distinct objectives, the basic criteria that contributes to successful investment opportunities are often times uniform. This allows us to set the framework for investment opportunities and work with clients to analyze the potential and suitability for their capital profile. Be it rehab, reposition or redevelop our team has experience seeing through complex real estate transactions and investment opportunities. 

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